Big Springs Park 1

About The Location

Big Springs Park 1  starts at the main entrance to the park.  I had to separate it out from Big Springs Park 2 & 3 because it has a separate parking area and unless you had 3 hours to shoot, you could not reach all three areas of Big Springs Park.

Big Spring Park 1 has forest paths going through aspen, pine and scrub oak, which in the fall look amazing.  There is a river running next to the path that crosses the path in a couple of locations.  After about a 15-20 minute walk you come out of the forest in a beautiful grassy clearing with mountains in the background.  This are offers a lot of variety in backgrounds.  Since the valley gets shaded earlier than sunset, I recommend shooting 2 hour prior to sunset unless you arrive on a cloudy day.

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There is a large parking lot at the entrance to the trail that accommodates about 80 vehicles.



Location Type






Grassy field


Forest path

Fall colors

Best Time of Day To Shoot  

1-2 hours prior to sunset.

Best Time Of Year To Shoot 

May and September through October